Dear Fear...

"I Am Not My Crown"

"Through my chapter, “Dear Fear, I am not my Crown” I explore the role that expectations have played in my life. I’m sharing my story, a story of facing my fears through a painful yet cathartic look at my life.
This crown doesn’t hold itself up…"

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Dear Fear Book, Volume 3

Dear Fear Book, Volume 3 has gathered 10 extraordinary women, from all walks of life, careers and experiences, to tell you their stories of courage, resilience and what it looks like to replace fear with faith.


Ladies AND gentleman! Dust off your coffee tables! Make room on your nightstand! Add reading again to your calendar! The insight this book provides is worthy of your time and your space! I had the opportunity to read Latiera’s excerpt of this book and I finished recharged and no longer afraid. Like many of us ‘thirty somethings,’ fear (intentionally lowercased) has robbed us of becoming the most highest, purest, most authentic versions of ourselves! WELL NO LONGER! Latiera escorts the reader hand in hand into a wrestling match with fear, and guess what? She won! Latiera’s vulnerability and transparency puts fear on a ‘Jackie Joyner-Kersee’ type of metered run out of the readers lives! Her truth has earned her the right to empower the reader to push past your guilt, your past, and adjust your crown to live the life your were designed to live! I am looking forward to the release of the book and reading what the other women have to say about that four-letter word we know as ‘fear.’ #DearFear

— Jonathan Bush, M.urp